Your Wellness and Comfort are Our Top Priority at 2thbar by Dr. B in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Relaxing Dental Clinic in Lone Tree, CO

Welcome Beverage

Choose your beverage from water, sparkling water to coffee or tea that is personally served to you in our VIP lounge.

Private Suites

Our treatment suites are designed for privacy but have an open feeling due to the glass walls, high ceilings and large windows with lots of natural light.

Custom Entertainment

Headphones and a tv screen above each dental chair provide custom entertainment options while receiving the best dental care.

Digital Scanning & Impressions

Fast and comfortable scanning creates digital 3D models of your teeth- no goopy mess or choking on runny material like with traditional impressions.

Nitrous Sedation

a.k.a. “laughing gas”. Nitrous oxide sedation is the oldest anesthetic in existence and has been used safely for nearly two centuries now. It will help you relax, feel calm and eliminate stress and anxiety.

Patient Comfort & Relaxation