Our teeth whitening options remove stains and brighten your teeth, so you can get your glow on at 2thbar in Lone Tree, Colorado!

teeth whitening after treatment A dazzling, white smile can be a source of confidence. But the consumption of certain foods or beverages, smoking, or ignoring dental hygiene can lead to teeth yellowing, which can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Professional teeth whitening is a great solution for brightening your teeth and restoring a sparkling, white smile.

2thbar’s whitening services offer an effective way to brighten your smile in a luxurious and modern setting. Dr. Jasper Bartolome, DMD, BSN-RN, DDS, can help you obtain the brilliant smile you desire. Continue reading as Dr. B, as she is known at her Lone Tree dental facility, discusses more about teeth whitening.

Why Did My Teeth Change Color?

Teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons:

Food and Drink
Certain food and beverages, such as coffee, wine, or tea, can cause the enamel (the white, outer layer of the teeth) to become discolored. Chromogens, which are intense color pigments found in these items, attach to the enamel and cause staining.

One adverse effect of certain medications, such as antihistamines, high blood pressure drugs, and antipsychotics, is tooth darkening. Certain antibiotics that are given to children may be the culprit for dull or yellow adult teeth later on. Additionally, chemotherapy may also discolor teeth.

When teeth are injured or otherwise exposed to trauma, darkening can occur if normal blood flow to the tooth is interrupted, or the nerve dies.

Tobacco Use
Tar and nicotine, which are found in tobacco, can create unflattering yellowing of the teeth. Tar is black and highly pigmented, while nicotine turns yellow in the presence of oxygen. When these substances are exposed to the teeth, they create stubborn stains and discoloration.

Over time, the enamel of the tooth gets thinner due to natural wear and tear. This makes the darker inner layer of dentin more visible, which contributes to a dull and discolored appearance of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Process

teeth whitening after treatment The process for teeth whitening is simple. One of two bleaches is present in whitening products, and they work by breaking up the stains into smaller pieces, making them less concentrated. This effect makes your teeth appear brighter.

For the fastest and more effective teeth whitening, opt for In-Office Whitening. 2thbar by Dr. B offers GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening System, which combines the patented GLO Illuminating mouthpiece with professional-strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The immediate results come with little to no irritation or downtime in this short and easy process. Your 2thbar dentist may also provide you with the GLO Science Professional Take-Home Kit so that you can achieve professional results on the go.

Other options, such as over the counter whitening products and stain removal toothpastes offer modest results and may take longer to achieve professional levels of whitening.

Teeth Whitening in Lone Tree

Discuss your teeth whitening options with Dr. B to decide exactly which whitening treatment or combination of treatments is right for you. Our 2thbar dental services cater not only Lone Tree but also to the communities of Centennial, Englewood, DTC, Littleton, Greenwood Village, Castle Rock, Parker, Cherry Creek North, Cherry Hills, Highlands Ranch, and other surrounding Denver metro areas.

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