We’re Open & Treatment Planning


We have officially opened! It didn’t happen with a bang, a ribbon cutting or a party. The weeks, days, hours before were a flurry of activity filled with trainings, unpacking, organizing, arranging.  Not to say it wasn’t all planned and coordinated though. 

Do you tend to plan things or go with the flow? Or flow within a plan? (Ok, now I’m rambling) But you need to have a plan to achieve your goals. In life, in dentistry, for you and your smile.

Your custom dental treatment plan at 2thbar starts with getting to know you through our online electronic forms that you conveniently fill out on your phone or computer at home. If you don’t get the chance to do it before your appointment, don’t worry, you can still do it in our office too.

We ask about your medical history because it may affect how we approach your dental treatment. For example, if you’ve had very recent artificial joint replacement surgery, you may need to take antibiotic premedication one hour before your dental appointment to prevent possible bacteremia (bacteria in the bloodstream) that could lead to a serious infection in that joint. Or you may be on blood thinners, and we will need to take extra precautions before and after a tooth extraction due to your increased risk for bleeding.

We ask about your dental history to learn about your past dental experiences, and what things you like or don’t like about your smile, so we may know how to best serve you. Is there something about your smile you want to change? Perhaps several teeth are chipped, and you see spaces between them; porcelain veneers could be your solution. (Ask us about a smile simulation!) You may have an upper front tooth that is slightly rotated and that you’re self-conscious about, or lower anterior teeth with some crowding (quite common actually) that make cleaning them difficult. Our SureSmile clear aligners could fix that for you. 

In our 2thbar office, we gather all the data needed to complete your dental treatment plan. Our digital sensor takes x-rays quickly and our intra-oral camera will show you exactly what we see in your mouth. We measure the spaces between your gums and teeth to check the health of your gums and bone. An oral cancer screening at every exam makes sure you don’t have any suspicious looking lesions.

Phasing a treatment plan is also important. You wouldn’t want to build a house on a shaky foundation, would you? Same with dental treatment. If the gum and underlying bone are not healthy, how will your crown be well supported? That’s why we make sure you have a healthy foundation before we move on to the next phase of treatment, because each phase is critical to the success of the next one.

A lot of detail and diagnostics goes into your new patient exam. Ultimately, we’re here to help you achieve your dental goals whatever they may be. Come see us for your own customized 2thbar dental treatment plan. We’ll set you up for success at 2thbar by Dr. B, Lone Tree’s Premier Dental Boutique.