One Week Away from Opening Day


As I write this sitting on my front porch with my dog Valentino beside me, a cold breeze brings a slight chill to this partly cloudy morning. It’s 9 a.m. on a Monday, but since it’s a holiday no one is rushing off to work or to school and the neighborhood cul de sac is quiet.  A perfect time to reflect and think.

“What should I write about?” I’ve been asking myself this for the past couple days. I’ve researched on blogs and read several examples of dental blogs. There is a lot of information out there with “how-to’s” and “things to do, or not to do” and all about the many dental treatment options. I could do the same, or I can approach it my way. 

2thbar by Dr. B is coming full circle. We are Lone Tree’s Premier Dental Boutique opening our doors to the public exactly one week from today. In June 2021, I came up with the “2thbar” name and designed our logo. This has been the inspiration for me and my husband during our start-up journey this past year. The name is different (I’ve been asked, “but what IS it?”), the perfectly symmetrical bold white graphic is your first hint that this is something dental, and the modern font is sleek and chic. Not something you normally associate with a dental office.

And that’s exactly what we want to do with 2thbar by Dr. B. We want to radically change your concept of a dental office and elevate your patient experience with a space that is modern, yet warm and inviting, with some cool unexpected touches. All the details have been carefully planned and chosen from finishes to signage, layout, lighting, dental equipment, furniture, art, warm blankets, Netflix and Nespresso to make your visit memorable, comfortable, and relaxing.

Before opening my own dental practice, I’ve worked in varied settings, from corporate dentistry to a public health center where I still work on a part time basis serving the needs of the community. I have helped many people from different countries, backgrounds, cultures, and all walks of life. And we all have something in common- we all want to be seen, heard, and accepted for who we are. 

I believe every human being deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and empathy. This is the philosophy of treatment and care that I bring to 2thbar. Every patient who steps in through our doors is a VIP. We are thrilled that you have chosen us as your dental partner. Rest assured that you will receive topnotch quality dental care customized to your needs with service that comes from the heart.

Today is Memorial Day, and we remember those who served courageously to protect our country. We are free because of them. Let us live our lives freely in a way that honors their sacrifice and brings joy to others. Your day-to-day acts of kindness always make a difference.

I hope to connect with you on this blog, not just as a dentist, but also a woman, entrepreneur, style and fashion lover, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. There are many facets to each of us, and we don’t have to be defined by labels. I am filled with hope, excitement, and enthusiasm for the future. Looking forward to sharing dental tips (of course!), thoughts on life, random stories with purpose, and all things 2thbar!